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February 28 2014


How Much is the Salary of a Radiation-oncologist?

Oncologists are doctors who are specialized in diagnosing and treating cancer. Radiation-oncologists are specialists who use certain types of radiation to attack the sick cells and to stop their reproductive process while minimizing the damage done to the connected body tissues. 

A specialist must determine the exact dose of radiation suitable for the patient, to follow the adequate course of radiation treatment and to estimate how to limit the use of radiation when needed.

There are two types of radiation: external and internal. The external ones involve beams of ionizing radiation, while the internal ones contain radioactive isotopes.

These are meant to kill the devastating cancer cells and to destroy tumors. If the purpose is accomplished, cancer is cured or its symptoms are alleviated. The radiologist-oncologists collaborate with other oncology specialists to build the most efficient treatment for the patient. They usually treat patients with non-malignant conditions.

This specialization is regarded to be well-paid in the industry. In the U.S. a beginner will start with a salary of about $189,000 a year.After 3 years, the salary could even get to $354,000 for a very good radiation-oncologist. 

Usually the annual salaries of most specialists in this field range between $242,900 and $528,991. The median salary is estimated to $329,784. The hourly average is considered to be around $58.50.

The states which provide the highest salaries are considered to be New Jersey, Michigan, California and Texas.

Obviously, the salaries grow according to the experience. A specialist with 5-9 years experience can get a salary of $423,000 per year, one with over 10 years experience can receive up to $518,000. Radiation-oncologists who reach 20 years of experience in the field can earn a salary that is up to $787,000 per year.

The training requires at least 5 years beyond medical school. The first one implies clinical training at a certified program based on surgery, family practice, pediatrics or internal medicine. The next four years involve the radiation-oncology residency program. There are about 87 residency programs that offer 200 spots in radiation-oncology so it is a competitive field. Then the candidate needs to pass both exams from the American Board of Radiology, as well as from the United States Medical Licensing Examination. 

A radiation-oncologist's job is well-compensated, even for the standards of the healthcare industry. But it's worth mentioning that the work is highly demanding and implies daily interactions with people suffering from cancer. That could be terribly tough and the specialist must have an extremely good sense of control and compassion to be able to care properly for the patients but not to lose his temper or contribute to their sadness in any way. 

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